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The Accessible Icon Project

http://youtu.be/0LxPjg6NVMc The Accessible Icon ProjectThe Accessible Icon Project provides supplies and services to transform the old International Symbol of Access into an active, engaged image.

Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia

Quadraplegic is derived from two separate words from two different languages, Latin and Greek. The word “Quadra”, meaning “four” which is derived from Latin, relates to the number of limbs. “Plegic”, is derived from the Greek word “Plegia”, meaning paralysis. Put the two together, and you have “Quadraplegia”. “Tetra” is Read More >

Ken’s Power Caster

The Ken’s Power Caster is a fully automated, push-button or “sip and puff” controlled fishing machine that gives severely disabled people the ability to cast out their line (around 100 feet), hook, fight, retrieve and land fish with total independence – no matter the disability or injury level.