Category: Assistive Technology

Christopher Hills

Christopher Hills is an amazing young man who I greatly admire and find very inspiring. Christopher is an Apple Certified Pro Final Cut Pro X, Level One and an Accessibility Ambassador and a geek who has cerebral palsy. I have been following Christopher for a while now. His YouTube Channel Read More >

Ken’s Power Caster

The Ken’s Power Caster is a fully automated, push-button or “sip and puff” controlled fishing machine that gives severely disabled people the ability to cast out their line (around 100 feet), hook, fight, retrieve and land fish with total independence – no matter the disability or injury level.

Video game mind control

A new type of video game lets you play without moving your hands. It’s all about tapping in to your brain power. Don Clark has written about this new technology for the Wall Street Journal. Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a new interface for human Read More >