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The Accessible Icon Project The Accessible Icon ProjectThe Accessible Icon Project provides supplies and services to transform the old International Symbol of Access into an active, engaged image.

101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

Deke McClelland is a full-blown, hardcore geek. The kind of geek we love. How can you not love a guy who creates a frantic, hand-waving, occasionally obscenity-strewn, rap music video… about Photoshop keyboard shortcuts? Visit Deke McClelland’s website, or check out Deke’s Online Training at

World Imbalances Shown on Unique Maps

These computer-modified maps (or rather cartograms) were produced in an unique collaboration between two universities – project WorldMapper. They show the world how it really is – with the countries either shrunk or blown out of proportion, depending on the chosen parameter. These maps are a great tool in the Read More >