Explore Doctor Who’s TARDIS in Google Maps

Google Streetview Easter Egg… Click this link to the map of Earl’s Court Road, then click the double-white arrows directly in front of the call box. Immediately you will go inside the Doctor’s famous time machine. Earl’s Court Road is home to one of London’s last remaining police boxes – Read More >

Microscopic Horror Of A Mosquito Bite

Stare in amazement as an anaesthetised mouse has its skin scoured for delicious blood cells. Capillary feeding by Anopheles gambiae. The proboscis is inserted along the lumen of the blood vessel. Credit: Choumet et al, PLOS 2012.

Happy retirement Google Reader!

After 8 years on the job, Google Reader is retiring on July 1st. Thank you for being there for us all this time! How to Switch from Google Reader to Feedly 1. Log In to Google: Make sure you are logged in to your Google Reader account. 2. Go to You’ll be greeted by Read More >

The Accessible Icon Project The Accessible Icon ProjectThe Accessible Icon Project provides supplies and services to transform the old International Symbol of Access into an active, engaged image.

Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia

Quadraplegic is derived from two separate words from two different languages, Latin and Greek. The word “Quadra”, meaning “four” which is derived from Latin, relates to the number of limbs. “Plegic”, is derived from the Greek word “Plegia”, meaning paralysis. Put the two together, and you have “Quadraplegia”. “Tetra” is Read More >

Cell-ebration! 40 Years of Cellphone History

Today’s mobile movement is all about efficiency and multitasking. But with the first cellphone in 1973, you could place a phone call and get a workout at the same time. After all, the phone weighed 2.5 pounds. The cellphone turned 40 on Wednesday, April 3. Its creator, Martin Cooper, 84, Read More >

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Chevrolet is redefining modern performance with the debut of the all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray. Tadge Juechter, executive chief engineer, walks us around the 7th generation Corvette to show us the perfect balance of technology, design and performance that makes it worthy of the iconic Stingray designation.