Video game mind control

A new type of video game lets you play without moving your hands. It’s all about tapping in to your brain power. Don Clark has written about this new technology for the Wall Street Journal. Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a new interface for human Read More >

23 Signs That You’re Becoming a Design Geek

The world of design can be a ruthless one; not only do you spend most of your time pondering and tweaking minute details that most people find insignificant and most likely won’t even notice you also get lured into developing anti-social habits like font-spotting and source-code peeping. My favorite… #20 Read More >

Jobs Unveils the Apple iPhone

Since the company unveiled the iPod in 2001, there has certainly been more to the inventor of the Macintosh than just desktop hardware. Rumors had circulated for months that Apple might extend itself beyond music and computing into the massive cellphone market. With good reason: While Apple sells more than Read More >

Pro Charger’s slammed Hummer H2

Pro Charger’s slammed Hummer H2 with Extene air suspension really turned heads with its 24-inch Pozzi wheels and meaty 3BFGoodrich G Force 305-35/24s. Of course the 6.0L Chevy Vortec is blown with a Pro Charger. Good looks and power at the wheels.